Shoe Worship 80

Dirt Shoe cleaner of the mistresses!
Slave Maskenjonas and Old Grand Paps Tomi have to lick their mistresses' shoes clean in the forest. The two dominant ladies are now so much walk around and the shoes are just too dirty. The slaves must now get the dirt from the shoes nicely. With their clothes, they polish the ladies' shoes clean and then have to polish the shoes nice and clean with their mouth and tongue.
Mistress Ronja's boots are first licked clean by Tomi and then polished by Maskenjonas.
While she has licked the rough dirt of her sneakers at Lady Ines. But when Tomi comes to her turn, the sadistic lady makes again her sneakers extra dirty and forces him to lick the whole earth from her sneakers.

Shoe Worship 80

  • Product Code: Shoe Worship 80
Length: Minute
  • 8.25€

Tags: Shoe worship, shoe fetish, domina, domination, femdom, fetisch, fetish, goddess, herrin, madame, Mistress Ronja, Lady Ines,

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